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Welcome to the A183 Coast Road Newsletter

24 November 2022

Welcome to the A183 Coast Road Realignment Newsletter

Welcome to the A183 Coast Road e-newsletter. Each month, these e-newsletters will provide you with updates on progress, traffic management and any potential disruption surrounding the A183 Coast Road realignment between Marsden and Whitburn.

Our work on the A183 Coast Road

Howard Civil Engineering is delighted to be undertaking the construction of the new carriageway which replaces and realigns a 500m section of the A183 Coast Road on behalf of our client, South Tyneside Council. This is to preserve the highway from natural erosion of the adjacent cliffs thereby reducing the threat from costal erosion.

You may have noticed that we have started to erect the perimeter fencing and set up our compound on the highway land in front of Lizard Lane Holiday Park. As the works develop and progress you will see a greater presence from us adjacent, opposite, or next to businesses in terms of traffic management, pedestrian management, our workforce, and construction operations.

Howard Civil Engineering believes the local community to be of paramount importance and we will endeavour to minimise disruption; however, we do acknowledge and appreciate that our work will have a small, temporary impact on the surrounding area and community. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience our activity may temporarily cause and thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

As a company, we will do our upmost to make a concerted effort collectively to keep any disruption or inconvenience to a minimum, whilst ensuring the protection and safety of the public is maintained at all times.

Your site contacts

There are several ways you can contact the site team to report faults, voice any concerns or ask any questions you may have. 

The A183 Coast Road realignmet scheme is managed by the following members of our experienced and highly approachable team: Tony Kilbane (Contracts Manager) and Tom McDonagh (Project Manager). Please rest assured there will always be a representative on site during working hours should you have you questions about the scheme.

To contact Howard Civil Engineering remotely, please contact your community liaison officer Sophie Henderson by emailing 
a183coastroad@howardcivileng.co.uk or calling 07793654086.

We apologise in advance for the disruption that you will endure over the coming months. To contact your Community Liaison Officer please email a183coastroad@howardcivileng.co.uk.

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