Germany Beck

Newsletter 22

07 April 2017

Weeks 43 & 44 commencing 3rd April 2017

This is the 22nd edition of the newsletter that keeps you up to date with the progress of the Germany Beck junction works on the A19 in Fulford.
Works are progressing well. The capping beam is being continued along the top of the piles. The images below show a completed capping beam adjacent to the residential home boundary. The other shows a capping beam ready for concrete adjacent to the beck. A brick wall will be built on top of the capping beams and will form the rear of the footpath.The new junction at Fordlands Road is also coming along with the kerb line showing the outline of the new junction. The temporary traffic lights on Fordlands Road will be in operation for another 2 weeks until the surfacing of the junction takes place just after Easter.

During the next 2 weeks we will -

• Continue the concrete capping beam which sits on top of the sheet piled wall both east and west of Fordlands Road
• Complete the kerbs and gullies to Fordlands Road ready for surfacing just after Easter
• Continue the construction of the new link road towards the Persimmon residential site.

The closure of the eastern footpath on the A19 remains in place.


During the next 2 weeks traffic lights will continue to be in operation on Fordlands Road. Once Fordlands Road has been constructed to its new alignment, traffic will be returned to using 2 lanes again. Safe accessible footpaths have been provided for use by pedestrians at all times.

We apologise for any inconvenience for those using Fordlands Road.

Safety for children and the wider public.

Please be assured that the different areas of works will be securely fenced at all times to ensure the safety of the public.
We will be receiving deliveries to site this week. Each delivery will be guided into site by one of our employees once traffic and pedestrians are clear from the site entrance. Please be patient if you are held up for a short time whilst these manoeuvres take place.
Pedestrians will be given right of way along the footpaths of Fordlands Road but please be aware of deliveries using the entrances to site off Fordlands Road on occasion.  

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