Germany Beck

Germany Beck Newsletter 62

26 October 2018

Weeks 124 & 125 commencing Monday 29th October 2018 

This is the 62nd edition of the newsletter that keeps you up to date with the progress of the Germany Beck junction works on the A19 in Fulford.

Over the past few weeks we have been completing small areas of works around the site in preparation for the final surfacing visit.

The surfacing subcontractor will be attending site on Wednesday 7th November for 3 days. During this time they will complete the surfacing of the new slip road from Fordlands Road onto the spine road and complete the top layer of surfacing all the way down to the Persimmon marketing office. This will remove all the existing ramps in the tarmac.

They will also complete all the footpaths around the site. This will enable the western footpath to be finally opened back up to pedestrians.


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