Germany Beck

Germany Beck Newsletter 58

06 August 2018

Weeks 112 & 113 commencing Monday 6th August 2018 

This is the 58th edition of the newsletter that keeps you up to date with the progress of the Germany Beck junction works on the A19 in Fulford.

The past 2 weeks the top layer of surfacing and also the road markings have been installed to the new A19 junction. This has greatly improved the appearance of the works in this area and is the result of many many weeks of constructing the realigned junction piece by piece in order to keep traffic flowing whenever possible, in and out of York.

Traffic signal equipment installation continues.

We've been continuing to progress the brick walls to the A19 and preparing the area around Fulford Road for surfacing.

During next week we will be completing the concrete protection structure to the Germany Beck culvert. This will then enable us to piece up the gap in the brickwork wall.

Following the completion of the concrete protection structure the last of the traffic signal cables will be installed and the signals tested, ready for Fordlands Road traffic to be diverted onto the new junction in the next couple of weeks.

We will also be commencing the foundation for the remaining section of the brick wall at the northern tie-in.

An existing manhole lid in the north bound carriageway requires some adjustment to prevent it rocking. A temporary fix is being carried out presently but we will be using off peak traffic signals for one day, 14th August, to carry out a permanent solution.

Pedestrians will continue to use the new eastern footpath while the western footpath remains closed until the end of the works.

Elsewhere on site we are continuing with a deep foul sewer diversion and the first roads into the new residential development following the ongoing drainage installation.

Off peak traffic signals on A19 for one day, Tuesday 14th August

Off peak traffic signals on A19 on Tuesday 14th August for one day to carry out remedial work to rocking manhole lid.

New A19 footpath route


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