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Gateway 36 Newsletter No 7

01 April 2021

Gateway 36 Newsletter No 7 Week commencing Monday 5th April. First published Friday 2nd April. 

Welcome to the Gateway 36 e-newsletter. Each fortnight, these e-newsletters will provide you with updates on progress, traffic management and any potential disruption surrounding the Gateway 36 development in Rockingham. Please note these works will be ongoing until Summer 2021.

Progress, the past two weeks


We are pleased to say work to form the new access road off Shortwood Roundabout, Dearne Valley Parkway, is complete and we can now remove the traffic management measures in place around the roundabout. All construction traffic for the scheme will now be able to use this road for access and egress.

Further down Dearne Valley Parkway to the west, we have continued to form the new S278 roundabout which will facilitate Phase 3 of the Gateway 36 scheme. Earthworks have been undertaken on Phase 3 whilst surface water drainage has been installed on Phase 2, both of which will support the formation of the new roundabout.

On the main site development we have continued earthworks and drainage works, including the installation of an outfall to one of the new attenuation ponds.

The next two weeks

From Tuesday 6th April, traffic management measures around Shortwood Roundabout will be relocated further down Dearne Valley Parkway to the west to facilitate the formation of the new S278 roundabout. This new traffic management layout will be in place long-term whilst work to construct the new roundabout is ongoing.

Should you experience or witness an out-of-hours emergency regarding the traffic management measures in place, please call RTS on 01724 848 246. 

Over the next two weeks, work to form the new S278 roundabout will continue on both sides of Dearne Valley Parkway including earthworks and surface water drainage installation, such as pre-cast concrete headwalls and 600mm concrete pipes which will collect surface water from the roundabout once complete.

On the main development site, earthworks will continue as will work to form the new attenuation ponds. We expect the pond liner and topsoil to be laid in April which will complete both ponds. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works. 

All works are scheduled to be complete for Summer 2021. 

A very hoppy Easter for children at Barnsley Hospital

Our generous team at Gateway 36 have ensured patients at Barnsley Hospital Children's Ward have a cracking Easter this weekend by donating over £150 worth of arts, crafts, toys and DVDs to the ward!

"Whereas on other sites we have donated Easter eggs to the children's wards at other hospitals, Barnsley Hospital appealed for arts and crafts materials for the play areas of their children's ward this year," explains community liaison officer Sophie Henderson. "We've had a great turnout of donations from our operatives and we're thrilled to help ensure that children on the ward can make use of these donations all year round!"

If you would like to donate play/craft equipment to the children's ward at Barnsley Hospital, please contact the charity team by clicking the button below.

How the new access road will look upon completion

How the new S278 roundabout will look upon completion

Your site contacts

There are several ways you can contact the site team to report faults, voice any concerns or ask any questions you may have.

The Gateway 36 scheme is managed by the following members of our experienced and highly approachable team: Tony Kilbane (Contracts Manager), Thomas Barrett (Site Manager), Steve Thackray (Site Supervisor) and George Bagnall (Site Engineer). Please rest assured there will always be a representative on site during working hours should you have you questions about the scheme.

To contact Howard Civil Engineering remotely, please contact your Community Liaison Officer, Sophie Henderson, at or contact 07793654086.

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