Praise for Hard Ings Road amid COVID-19 interruptions

06 April 2020

We are thrilled to have received praise for our ongoing work at Hard Ings Road amid COVID-19 interruptions by our client, Bradford Council.

We are currently undertaking road widening works on the A650 which is a key thoroughfare between Keighley and Bradford and is predominantly a dual carriageway except for Hard Ings Road, which is a pinch point for traffic. Amid the recent social distancing measures encouraged by the government as a result of COVID-19, we have reduced the numbers of personnel on site and have adapted our schedule to allow for supply delays.

Commenting on how Howard Civil Engineering are approaching challenges posed by COVID-19 on site, David Aspinall - Project Manager of the site for Bradford Council - said he 'would like to praise HCE and the site team in particular for the way in which [we] are coping despite the many pressures that COVID-19 is putting on all of us.’

He also stated that he has ‘been particularly impressed by the neatness and tidiness of the site and the general good organisation resulting in work that is as efficient as it could be in the circumstances’ and recognised that ‘it must be a very uncertain time for all of the site team from Howard Civil Engineering down to the cleaning team, but everyone is keeping going and staying positive.'

These comments are just the latest in a string of praise from stakeholders regarding our improvements on Hard Ings Road. Our community liaison programme has been very well received with local residents who frequently use the road. You can read more praise from our stakeholders here.

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