Getting Stuck Into Nature With St Nicks

30 April 2024

This week, our Sustainability Manager Sophie Henderson was in York, lending a hand to the incredible St Nicks with their Green Corridors project.

St Nicks is York-based charity in possession of a beautiful 24-acre nature reserve, open to explore 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their volunteer team is tasked with managing and maintaining the reserve to ensure it’s benefits are accessible to everyone, no matter what, and Sophie joined the group on Monday to assist them in this essential work.

St Nick’s ‘Green Corridors’ project is an initiative the team are embarking on to connect more green spaces around York - spaces they call ‘Green Corridors’. This admirable work will see nature around the area adequately conserved, communities better supported, and all with the aim of reducing pollution, challenging harmful developments, and improving land management. The team are determined to reconnect and restore the green areas surrounding York so that key species and habitats are allowed to thrive, and Howard Civil Engineering is more than willing to jump at the opportunity to support this incredible cause!

Speaking about her time supporting St Nicks and their ‘Green Corridors’ project, Sophie had this to say:

“On Monday, I took part in the city-wide bioblitz supporting St Nicks; observing all kinds of creatures, plants, bugs and flowers, in addition to geting stuck into some cultivation in preparation for the sowing of wildflower seeds. We [Howard Civil Engineering] are looking forward to taking part in more volunteering on an on-going basis!”

To learn more about the exceptional work put in by St Nicks, head over to their website by clicking here.

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