Re-marker-ble support for Montserrat Secondary School!

03 November 2021

When accounts assistant Geraldine Thomas announced she was intending to donate over £370 of stationery to Montserrat’s only secondary school, directors at Howard Civil Engineering were only too happy to help!

Montserrat Secondary School presently offers inclusive education, meaning all students of secondary-school-age attend. As a result, there is a great demand for stationery, electronics, software, computers, calculators, tablets, coloured pencils, whiteboard markers and “anything that would make teaching and learning fun and effective.”

Geraldine’s sister is Montserrat Secondary School alumni and recently approached Geraldine for support. With Geraldine’s help, Howard Civil Engineering has donated an array of calculators, pens, paper, rulers, and sticky notes to Montserrat Secondary School in order to support students and encourage learning!

“These donations will go a long way to assist our teachers, students, parents and staff to support our drive to embrace and provide quality education for all students,” said vice principle Hyacinth C. Bramble-Browne.

The Caribbean island of Montserrat has faced several years of volcanic activity in addition to recovering from the long-term impacts of Hurricane Hugo, a Category 4 hurricane. These natural disasters have resulted in 70 percent of the population emigrating from the island, meaning only around 4,500 currently reside in Montserrat.

“With a small population, the local business community is stressed,” explains Hyacinth. “Although they make a mammoth effort, they cannot provide extra support in addition to the support from the Government to all of our schools as well as to other local activities with the level of support they could have provided in former years.”

Howard Civil Engineering is honoured to be making a positive impact not only in our local communities, but those overseas too.

Should you wish to help the school in any way, you can contact the school to arrange a donation by emailing:

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