Greengates Junction

Greengates Junction Newsletter No 34

28 March 2022

Newsletter No 34. Week Commencing Monday 28th March. First published Friday 25th March 2022.

This newsletter is to provide you with an update on the Greengates Junction Improvement works.

Please note traffic management measures remain in place at Greengates junction to enable us to work on all four arms of the junction. Please plan your journey accordingly if you are passing through the junction.

Work on Greengates Junction will be ongoing until Spring 2022.

Progress, the past four weeks

Over the past four weeks, we have completed the surfacing of works on Harrogate Road outside Optegra Eye Hospital and Greengates Primary Academy. This has enabled us to commence road widening operations on the opposite side of Harrogate Road, on the stretch of road leading from St John's Community Church to Greengates House.

These works include the placement of new kerbs to suit the new road alignment, the installation of new services and utility diversions, and the installation of additional drainage. 

Closer to the junction, we have completed the construction of the new footpath outside Aldo's Italian on Harrogate Road and QRI on New Line. 

We are pleased to say that the gates and railings have also been successfully reinstalled around the memorial garden.

On New Line, along the stretch of road leading from the junction to Natwest, we have concentrated our efforts on installing the footpath, kerbs, drainage, and street furniture. Work has also been underway to construct the first two of eight central islands in this area which, upon completion, will enable pedestrians to cross the junction safely.

The remaining footpaths have also been constructed inside the P-Loop area. This means the total outline of the widened junction is now completely visible, and passers-by can see how the junction will look upon completion! 

The next four weeks

We are pleased to say that the footpath leading from New Line to Harrogate Road around the war memorial will be reopened to the public on Monday 28th March, in addition to the alleyway which leads from Greengates Primary Academy to QRI.

Over the next four weeks, we will also be re-opening the footpath on New Line outside Natwest and Asda. Please note this footpath will have its final tarmac dressing at the end of the project along with the rest of the scheme.

Work will commence to construct the remaining six traffic islands around the junction on Monday 28th March. Once these traffic islands are constructed, this will be the end of all groundwork activities to the main junction. Please read the Traffic Management section of this newsletter (below) to learn how these operations will affect the layout of traffic management measures and the ways pedestrians will be able to navigate the junction. 

On Harrogate Road, we will continue current road widening operations leading from St John's Community Church to Greengates House.

Landscaping works, including tree planting, will also be underway at several areas around the junction including the Haigh Hall Road/New Line layby, Farmfoods, and the P-Loop.

The remaining street lighting columns will be installed, in addition to new traffic signs and poles. Permanent traffic light poles will also be installed; however, these will not be operational until the scheme is complete, and the junction is fully open.

We will also aim to commence the final surfacing around the junction in the next four weeks. This will lead to the implementation of further traffic management measures and flexible working hours. An interim newsletter informing subscribers of the details of these works will be issued closer to the time.

Traffic Management

From Monday 28th March, the traffic management layout around the junction will change to enable to construction of traffic islands.

During this period, at least one of the four pedestrian crossing points around the junction will be closed at any given time. Please rest assured the remaining pedestrian crossing points will still be open to utilise. 

The first pedestrian crossing points to close will be the crossing between True You Skin Clinic and the P-Loop, and the P-Loop to the war memorial:

To allow pedestrians to cross the junction safely while these two crossing points are closed, the crossing point between Farmfoods and the war memorial will be opened, and the crossing between Costa and Farmfoods will remain open:

These crossing points will be temporarily closed once construction of traffic islands in this area commences, but the crossing points between the war memorial, the P-Loop, and True You Skin Clinic will be reopened to ensure safe crossing for pedestrians during this period. 

Roads have been reduced to two lanes in all directions to enable us to progress with ongoing junction widening works. We anticipate that these traffic management measures will be in place for the foreseeable future. Please allow extra time for travel when passing through the junction.

Although most motorists are sensibly and patiently obeying the traffic management, some have been observed driving through red lights and even driving the wrong way along Stockhill Road, the site of the local primary school. Such behaviour is incredibly dangerous, and the police are assisting us when they can to prevent this. We kindly ask all motorists to remain patient and to wait at red lights which is of course a legal requirement.

West Yorkshire Police have launched a dashcam portal which enables the public to upload footage of dangerous driving, driver distraction offences, including using a mobile phone, driving without due care and attention, careless driving, and traffic light contraventions. We and the police would encourage the public to submit any such footage to the police via:


Submit a video


Howard Civil Engineering have worked alongside Bradford Council to ascertain the most efficient traffic management measures to enable us to complete the junction improvement works with the highest consideration for safety of our operatives, road users and pedestrians. Their traffic engineers continue to work with us to make the required adjustments to the traffic lights to balance the queues and make it as fair as we can for all motorists. We apologise in advance for any disruption and delays which you may encounter as a result of these works and thank you for your continued patience and understanding. 

Your site contacts

There are several ways you can contact the site team to report faults, voice any concerns or ask any questions you may have. 

The HRNL Junction Improvement Scheme is managed by the following members of our experienced and highly approachable team: Tony Kilbane (Contracts Manager), Mick Bottomley (Site Supervisor) and Fahd Mahmood (Site Engineer). Please rest assured there will always be a representative on site during working hours should you have you questions about the scheme.

To contact Howard Civil Engineering, please contact your Community Liaison Officer at or contact 07793654086.

To contact a member of Bradford Council, please contact David Aspinall via email at

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