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Gateway 36 Newsletter No 21

21 January 2022

Gateway 36 Newsletter No 21 Week commencing Monday 31st January. First published Friday 28th January.

Happy new year from all at Howard Civil Engineering! We hope you all have a wonderful 2022.

Welcome to the Gateway 36 e-newsletter. Each month, these e-newsletters will provide you with updates on progress, traffic management and any potential disruption surrounding the Gateway 36 development in Rockingham.

Progress, the past four weeks

Since our December newsletter, we are pleased to say that we have completed topsoiling work to the new roundabout on Dearne Valley Parkway and the new verges which lead into the third phase of the Gateway 36 scheme. 

Drainage works have also commenced on the third phase which, once completed, will discharge surface water away from the road into a nearby watercourse. The movement of the surcharge mound to compact the ground and induce any settlement on the third phase of the development is still underway. 

Further down Dearne Valley Parkway, on the new access road leading from Shortwood Roundabout into the second phase of the Gateway 36 development, we have commenced tarmac preparation work which will enable sufficient access for contractors.

Along this new road, we have completed installation of the main drainage and land drainage works up to the Unit 1 access road and are continuing to install highway gullies along this stretch of road. A 6F2 aggregate capping layer has also been laid on this road. 

Further into the second phase of the development, we have moved approximately 30,000m³ of the surcharge mound to the footprint of the Unit 8 warehouse to induce any ground settlement prior to the construction of the building.

The next four weeks

A single lane closure will be once again in place on Dearne Valley Parkway to enable ourselves and our contractors to finish outstanding work including the installation of signs and bollards, grass seeding to all topsoiled areas, highway ditch clearance, rectifying damaged kerbing etc. The new access road leading into the third phase of the development will also be tarmacked, along with any remaining footpaths around the new roundabout.

These tasks should all be completed within the next four weeks. We are looking forward to removing all traffic management measures and opening the new roundabout for good once these works are complete.

Should you experience or witness an out-of-hours emergency regarding the traffic management measures in place, please call RTS on 01724 848 246.

On the third phase of the development, we will complete drainage outfall works to the existing watercourse and divert an existing land drain in this area to eliminate the possibility of any existing pipes being situated beneath the warehouse once constructed. 

We will also complete the movement of 120,000m³ of material to mound two and left in place for several months to settle the ground ahead of warehouse construction works.

Further down Dearne Valley Parkway, work will continue on the new access road leading from Shortwood Roundabout into the second phase of Gateway 36. We are looking forward to finishing the installation of highway gullies, kerbs, and stone in preparation for tarmacking the first section of the new road at the end of February.

We will also begin reducing the remainder of this road to enable us to continue the drainage installation and road construction further into the development. 

Finally, we are hoping to complete the movement of 50,000m³ of surcharge material to the location of the Unit 8 warehouse plot on the second phase of the development.

How the new access road will look upon completion

How the new S278 roundabout will look upon completion

Your site contacts

There are several ways you can contact the site team to report faults, voice any concerns or ask any questions you may have. 

The Gateway 36 scheme is managed by the following members of our experienced and highly approachable team: Tony Kilbane (Contracts Manager) and George Bagnall (Site Engineer). Please rest assured there will always be a representative on site during working hours should you have you questions about the scheme.

To contact Howard Civil Engineering remotely, please contact your Community Liaison Officer at or contact 07793654086.

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