Greengates Junction

Client: Bradford Council

Value: £3.4m
Location: Bradford
Contract Period: 68 weeks
Contract Type:

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Howard Civil Engineering is the main contractor of the Harrogate Road/New Line junction improvement scheme, known locally as Greengates Junction, working on behalf of Bradford Council.

Harrogate Road is a key commuter route between Bradford, Rawdon and Harrogate, and is also the primary access between Bradford and Leeds Bradford Airport in Yeadon. New Line is a main route between Keighley, Shipley, Bingley and Leeds.

The road had long been considered one of the most congested in the district.

This project will see us undertake major improvements to the existing junction in Greengates including widening the existing highway on all four arms of the junction, signal upgrades and a P-loop. Cyclists and pedestrians will also benefit from the scheme with the addition of new cycle lanes, pedestrian islands and more controlled crossings.

New trees and grass verges will increase green space around the junction. Where trees need to be removed, new ones will be planted to replace them at other locations within the scheme and nearby.

This is a highly complex scheme due to the large amount of residential properties, service providers and businesses which could be negatively affected by the construction phase if not managed sympathetically.

The Harrogate Road and New Line junction improvement scheme has received investment through the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Growth Deal - a £1 billion package of government investment to accelerate growth and create jobs across Leeds City Region. This scheme was awarded funding in 2015. Alongside the funding from the Leeds City Region LEP Growth Deal, the scheme has also been funded by developer contributions.


  • Widening all four approaches to Greengates Junction totalling 580m of existing carriageway
  • 70m new carriageway
  • Underground attenuation to accommodate run off from increased paved footprint
  • Numerous commercial, industrial and retail businesses with frontages directly facing the scheme
  • Schools, early years nursery and play centre, fast food and restaurant outlets, supermarkets, businesses, offices
  • Maintenance of access for residents, customers, deliveries, service users
  • Stakeholder liaison management plan including one to one consultation, electronic progress newsletters, community forum drop in days
  • Clear phasing plans for presentation to stakeholders
  • Extensive major service diversions
  • Multiple phased temporary traffic management design including applications to Bradford Council
  • New traffic-signal-controlled junction
  • Management of high-volume pedestrian footfall including school children.
  • New stone-clad reinforced concrete retaining walls
  • Alterations to war memorial garden
  • Extensive lengths of existing masonry walls and wrought iron fencing and gates to be dismantled and rebuilt sympathetically

Praise from our stakeholders:

'I live on Cote Farm, Thackley, and use the road which connects to this junction on a daily basis for my commute. Overall, I think the project is going very well with minimal issues, the site is quite clean and very organised. It is a well controlled environment. The site manager and crew are doing a good job here, great team of professional tradesmen... should receive an achievement award. '

- Roger, member of the public

'I think you guys are doing a smashing job on the work at the junction. For years in the run up to these works I have dreaded them starting and I confess it is causing far less disruption than I anticipated. I think the workers getting involved in community projects is brilliant such as the tidying up etc. The newsletter is brilliant at keeping us informed on what’s happened and what is going to happen every couple of weeks so thank you for making this process as painless as we could have hoped.'

- Member of the public

'[I would like to commend] Howard Civil Engineering on their newsletters on Greengates road junction. As someone who uses the junction frequently, it's nice to know how progress is being made and what is happening. Keep up the great work... the big improvements to the filter lanes will vastly improve traffic flow and cut down those annoying tailbacks which many of us have endured for many years.'

- Richard, member of the public

'I live in the area and [Howard Civil Engineering] are doing a cracking job. All sites seem nice and tidy and there have been few delays so far. Keep it going!'

- David, local resident

'I [was] dreading the works starting, but I think Howards have done a very good job of keeping the traffic moving. It might have been the only good thing to come out of Covid-19!'

- Ken, local resident

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