Germany Beck S278 Works

Client: Persimmon Homes

Value: £3.7m
Location: Fulford, York
Contract Period: 105 weeks
Contract Type: NEC Option A


Works to deliver this complex junction of the A19 are now complete. The new junction was required to facilitate Persimmon Homes' 650 unit residential development in the fields to the east, locally known as Germany Beck.
Many months of planning preceeded the start in June 2016. The A19 is one of the main routes into York and is locally very sensitive with respect to several environmental issues. The new junction will now operate under traffic signal control, providing access to the new housing site but also to the community living within Fulford South. The highway scheme will in addition, provide flood protection to the A19.
Due to the sensitivity of the site, Howard Civil Engineering diligently kept all local interested residents and businesses informed of the progression of the junction works through a series of newsletters and a dedicated page on our website.
The works started on site in June 2016 and were completed in January 2019. A 25,000m³ flood alleviation earthworks package was completed over summer 2016 to provide compensatory volume for the anticipated flood water displaced by the creation of the junction within a low lying area.

Environmental issues

  • The presence of the Germany Beck watercourse within the site requiring IDB sign off for all adjacent works
  • Water voles within the beck running along the periphery of the works
  • Archaeology watching brief present for all works at formation
  • Proximity to historically important existing structures
  • Close proximity of local residents
  • Invasive weeds - Himalayan Balsam in profusion on site
  • Bats

Scope of works

  • 25,000m³ flood alleviation earthworks package including inlet and outlet structures
  • Water vole habitat mitigation works 
  • Design and installation of a £500k 5m high sheet piled retaining wall with buttresses, relieving slab and capping beam
  • Extensive statutory utilities diversion works
  • Extensive traffic management programme to manage anticipated disruption to peak traffic flows
  • Complex phasing due to the difference in levels between online and offline works
  • Community liaison programme to keep local residents and users of the A19 informed about progress and disruption
  • Road works phased to ensure access to local residential areas and individual properties
  • Junction located on main pedestrian routes to local primary and secondary schools 
  • Provision of new vehicular and pedestrian traffic light-controlled junction
  • Accommodation works

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Praise from our stakeholders

‘Thank you for all the updates that you have provided to keep us all in the loop. Your engineers and workers have all been very courteous to the locals who live in Fordlands Road. I have been very impressed to how you have organised this work.’


- Local resident

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