Cogden Beck

Client: North Yorkshire County Council

Value: £0.9m
Location: Swaledale
Contract Period: 16 weeks
Contract Type: NEC4


Cogden Beck was our first contract for North Yorkshire County Council and comprised the reconstruction of two collapsed bridges. The bridges collapsed in 2019 as a result of flooding and our client was granted a £3m funding award to repair the damages.

This site was a Site of Specific Scientific Interest and, as a result, it was essential that the reconstruction was completed in a very short time period. Howard Civil Engineering was awarded the project in August 2020 and significant emphasis was placed on our ability to react and mobilise very quickly in order to meet the challenging deadlines.


  • One bridge to be constructed using a box culvert and faced with stone work salvaged from the original collapsed bridge.
  • Other bridge to be constructed using a mixture of new and salvaged stone elements to form the bridge abutments and arched barrel, in addition to in situ concrete support works.
  • Removal of temporary road surface previously installed.
  • Reinstate surrounding area to its natural state.

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