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30 April 2017

Dear Resident/Local Business/Service provider

You may be aware of the works to demolish the old Norton College site to make way for a new retail park off Bochum Parkway.

To provide access into the site a new traffic light controlled entrance is to be constructed off Bochum Parkway. This will enable traffic approaching both from the east and the west to gain access to and leave the retail park.

Along with the entrance works, adjustments are being made to Meadowhead Roundabout with the introduction of an additional lane to increase capacity around the roundabout.

GMI Construction Group Plc have employed Howard Civil Engineering Ltd of Leeds to carry out the road works which are due to commence on the 29th May 2017 and complete early 2018, although some service diversions are taking place in the weeks leading up to the works.

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The newsletters will be published every fortnight and will provide you with information about the on-going works, highlighting periods of potential traffic disruption in order that you can plan your daily journeys or advise your suppliers/customers of such.

In order for us to carry out the works whilst ensuring the utmost safety for both the general public and our workforce, lane closures will be used on Bochum Parkway and the adjacent roads for certain periods both during the day and night time periods, during the week and at weekends. We will endeavour to ensure that during the hours of peak traffic/rush hour, the roads will be returned to full running capacity.

To ensure the safety of the public there will also be periods when footpaths and cycle paths are diverted around sections of the works. Bus Stops locations may also be altered in order to carry out the works.

To complete the final entrance and roundabout tarmac surfacing and road marking works we will require to completely close sections of the road at night during October/November this year. A clearly signposted traffic diversion will be put in place.
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A pdf of the planned works can be downloaded by clicking this link. Highway works information sheet.

 Many thanks

Lucie Jones

Pre Contracts Manager

Community Liaison Officer

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