St James Retail Park - Bochum Parkway

Bochum Parkway Newsletter No 1

30 May 2017


Newsletter No 1. Week commencing Tuesday 30th May. Weeks 1 and 2

This is the first edition of the newsletter that will keep you up to date with the progress of the road works on Bochum Parkway.

You may be aware of the works to demolish the old Norton College site to make way for a new retail park off Bochum Parkway.

To provide access into the site a new traffic light controlled entrance is to be constructed off Bochum Parkway. This will enable traffic approaching both from the east and the west to gain access to and leave the retail park.

Along with the entrance works, adjustments are being made to Meadowhead Roundabout with the introduction of an additional lane to increase capacity around the roundabout.

GMI Construction Group Plc have employed Howard Civil Engineering Ltd of Leeds to carry out the road works which are due to commence on the 30th May 2017 and complete early 2018, although some service diversions have taken place in the weeks leading up to the works.

The next 2 weeks

Retail Park entrance

In preparation for the construction of the new entrance into the retail park we will be installing a temporary tarmac footpath alongside the existing footpath.

Pedestrians will be guided onto the temporary footpath so we can commence excavating for the new carriageway

Central reservation opposite the retail park entrance

We will be carrying out some investigation into the location and depth of the old subway structure in the centre of Bochum Parkway

Meadowhead Roundabout

Works to add an additional lane to the southern half of the roundabout will commence on Sunday 4th June

Temporary Traffic Management likely to impact traffic

Off peak lane closure on Bochum Parkway

From Wednesday 31st May there will be a lane closure in place on the east bound carriageway of Bochum Parkway. The lane closure will be in place during 'off peak' times from 9.30am to 3pm. This is to provide us with safe access into the central reservation. All pedestrian crossings will operate as normal.

Lane closures on Meadowhead Roundabout and the approaches to Meadowhead Roundabout

From Sunday 4th June, and every Sunday for the next 10 Sundays, there will be lane closures in place in the vicinity of the roundabout. This is to enable works adjacent to the live carriageway to be carried out safely. This is likely to impact the traffic using Bochum Parkway and the surrounding areas. All pedestrian crossings will operate as normal.

Safety for children and the wider public

We acknowledge that construction sites can be attractive places for children.

Please be assured that once underway, the different areas of works will be securely fenced at all times to ensure the safety of the public. Deep excavations within our works, for drainage for example, will have further fencing erected around them.

Please be aware of slow moving plant and wagons making deliveries and accessing different areas of the site from the live carriageway.

Please be mindful of the speed limit of 40 mph when driving through the works.         

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