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Bochum Parkway Newsletter 16

18 December 2017

Newsletter No 16. Week commencing Monday 18th December. Weeks 30 and 31.

This is the 16th edition of the newsletter that will keep you up to date with the progress of the road works on Bochum Parkway.

During the past 2 weeks the provision of the new power supplies have meant that we have been able to relocate the final street lighting columns into their final position.
This has allowed us to prepare the final 2 areas of carriageway widening ready for surfacing.

We have also completed one of the large sign post foundations within the footpath outside the Audi showroom. We have also completed one of the large sign post foundations within the footpath outside the Audi showroom.

The emergency repair to the gas leak on Bochum Parkway at the top of Dyche Lane is being still being carried out. This is unrelated to our works but understandably cannot be delayed. Due to the need to complete these works as quickly as possible, permission for a 24hr/day lane closure has been granted by SCC to carry out the gas repair works.

Lane closures to Bochum Parkway have been in operation every day to provide safe areas of work for our operatives as they work alongside the live carriageway.

The 24hr lane closure to carry out the gas repair has unfortunately caused substantial delays to rush hour traffic.


The next 2 weeks

During the week before Christmas we will be laying tarmac to the 2 remaining areas of carriageway. We will also be completing the surfacing to various areas of footpath around the site.

The remaining time this week will be taken up with generally tidying up the site ready for the last push to completion when we return in the New Year.

We return to site On Tuesday January 2nd. We will be carrying out small areas of paving slabs in various areas around the site, completing traffic signal duct work and preparing for our night time closures.


Temporary Traffic Management likely to impact traffic

Off peak carriageway lane closures on Bochum Parkway
To complete the works to the central reservation and foopaths

24hr carriageway closures west bound on Bochum Parkway

Gas repair emergency works. Please allow additional time for your rush hour journeys. The contractor is working to complete the works as quickly as possible but we do not yet know how long the repair will take.

Closure of the pedestrian crossing adjacent to Meadowhead Roundabout.
The pedestrian crossing will remain closed. Pedestrians wishing to cross the road at this point are directed to the next traffic signal crossing opposite Dyche Lane. See below.
Please advise your children walking to school that this crossing is closed and will remain closed until the completion of the works and to use the alternative crossing.

Closure of the western access to Norton Lane off Bochum Parkway.
This access will remain closed full time for the next few months. Vehicular access to Norton Lane can by made by using the eastern Norton Lane access off Bochum Parkway. We appreciate that this will cause some inconvenience to those living on Norton Lane. 

Early warning of Bochum Parkway night time closures from Monday 8th January 2018 for a period of 2 to 3 weeks depending on suitable temperatures for laying tarmac.

Commencing Monday evening 8th January 2018 the final tarmacing of Bochum Parkway will take place. The areas that have been impacted by the road works are to be resurfaced and have new road markings.
This will take place during a series of nights (7pm - 7am) from 8th January 2018 when we will need to completely close Bochum Parkway. Full road diversions will be in place. The diversion will be published via way of an additional newsletter in the next few days. The nightime closures will be in place for 2 to 3 weeks depending on whether the temperatures remain above freezing.

Safety for children and the wider public

We acknowledge that construction sites can be attractive places for children.
Please be assured that once underway, the different areas of works will be securely fenced at all times to ensure the safety of the public. Deep excavations within our works, for drainage for example, will have further fencing erected around them.

Please be aware of slow moving plant and wagons making deliveries and accessing different areas of the site from the live carriageway.

Please be mindful of the speed limit of 40 mph when driving through the works.



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