Penny Pot Lane

Penny Pot Lane Newsletter 4

25 March 2020


Newsletter 4 First published Friday 13th March February 

Traffic management planned for next 2 weeks 

The temporary traffic signals at the Persimmon entrance on Penny Pot Lane will be re-established on Monday for a period of 4 - 6 weeks. These will be manually operated to ensure traffic is not building up at Jubilee Roundabout.

The temporary traffic signals currently in place for the surface water pipe connection that is progressing up Penny Pot Lane will remain in operation for approximately 3 months.

Please be assured that pedestrian and cycle access through this area will remain open at all times. 

New site entrance works update


We have connected up the road gullies to the ditch behind and laid the first layer of surfacing to the footpath adjacent to Jubilee Roundabout.
Next week we will be preparing the carriageway for surfacing. 

Surface Water connection works

This week we have finally completed the outfall connection within the verge on the sharp corner of Penny Pot Lane. As you know from our previous newsletters, this element of the works was a lot more complex than we had anticipated.
Unfortunately this has caused at 2 - 3 weeks delay to the completion of the works although we hope to gain some of this back as we progress up the road.
I will be able to advise you on our progress and anticipated completion date in the next newsletter. 

If you have queries regarding these works please email
We aim to respond to all initial queries within 24hr during the working week.








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