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26 September 2018

Welcome to the Otley Road roadworks newsletter. Here you can find out information about the roadworks that are planned on Otley Road for the Charles Church residential development that may affect your journeys over the next few months.

You may be aware of the Charles Church Harlow Hill Grange residential development which is currently underway off Otley Road, adjacent to the Bluecoat Wood Nursery in the Parish of Beckwithshaw.

As part of new entrance into the development a filter lane is to be provided off Otley Road. Also a new footway/cycleway is to be constructed and street lighting installed.

Yorkshire Water has already installed a water main down Otley Road into the site. However, power cables and a connection to the sewerage treatment works at the Beckwith Head Road Junction are also required prior to occupation of the new homes.

Howard Civil Engineering Ltd will be carrying out this work on behalf of Charles Church.

This site will keep you up to date with the construction work and how it might affect you.

The road works are due to commence Monday 1st October. To carry out the works safely the road speed limit will be reduced to 30 mph and temporary traffic signals will be used to close off one lanes of the carriageway at various stages of the work from the Beckwith Head Road Junction to the new site entrance off Otley Road.

The works will run from Monday 1st October 2018 through to July 2019, with times when there will no road works, for example during local high traffic events and over the Christmas festive period.

Our aim, through our communication programme, is to keep you and other interested parties informed of the various roadworks phases, throughout the project.

We would like to encourage you to sign up below to Howard Civil Engineering’s Otley Road electronic newsletter. The newsletters will be published every fortnight, straight into your inbox, and will provide you with information about the on-going works and highlight periods of potential traffic disruption to enable you to plan your daily journeys. The newsletters will also appear here, on this site.

Individual concerns regarding the road works can be forwarded to Howard Civil Engineering’s Community Liaison Officer, Lucie Jones, using the email address  Otley.Road@howardcivileng.co.uk

We hope that by keeping you informed we can reduce any concerns you may have about the works over the next coming months.

The works are due to commence 1st October 2018. 

The first period of work will run from 1st October for a period of 8 weeks; until the Christmas Embargo period when we are not allowed to use temporary traffic signals on the road. The works will reconvene early January 2019. 

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