Greengates community extends a warm welcome to HCE

16 September 2020

In July 2020, Howard Civil Engineering commenced improvement works to Harrogate Road/New Line junction, known locally as Greengates junction, for our client Bradford Metropolitan District Council. Despite only being present on site for a short period of time, we are pleased to say we have been very warmly welcomed by nearby residents and the surrounding local community!

Several local residents have come forward to express their appreciation for the scheme and the fortnightly newsletters including a member of the public named Richard who uses the junction frequently. ‘I’d like to commend Howard Civil Engineering on their newsletters,' he commented. 'It’s nice to know how progress is being made and what is happening. Keep up the great work!’ 

Left: Members of the Howard Civil Engineering team joined the Greengates Community Volunteers on their weekly litter pick last Monday; Right: Friends of Greengates Cenotaph with their new bird boxes.

‘I live in the area and [Howard Civil Engineering] are doing a cracking job,’ posted David, another local resident. ‘All sites seem nice and tidy and there have been few delays so far. Keep it going!’

Multiple members of both our site and office teams have also gone above and beyond to involve themselves in the local community and make a positive difference to those living in close proximity to the scheme, receiving wonderful feedback in return.

Earlier this week site manager Tom Barrett, site supervisor Dean Gregory, community liaison officer Sophie Henderson, and marketing executive Abbie Harrop were warmly welcomed by Greengates Community Volunteers and joined them on their weekly litter pick around the junction. Three heaving bags of litter later, the streets certainly looked cleaner!

Greengates Community Volunteer, Julia Wassall, was quick to thank the team: ‘I'm pleased to say our group's dealings with Howard [Civil Engineering] have been a pleasure. The team have been friendly, polite, and helpful. When Sue Burton [another volunteer] and I wanted to lift the very last flowers from the old Community Garden site, we had a wave of the workers willing to help us lift, bag and carry them to the Memorial Gardens (the plants were much bigger than we were expecting). Then we were given three home-made bird boxes by [site operative] Johnny for the Memorial Garden!’

Perhaps the most praised member of our team is site supervisor Dean Gregory, who is starting to make a name for himself as a local hero! Julia complimented Dean’s professionalism regarding the improvement works at Greengates junction: ‘I have had some conversations with Dean about the progress of the new entrance to Farmfoods,’ she said. ‘He's never made me feel as if I shouldn't be asking and seemed happy to answer my questions!’

Left: Site manager Dean Gregory with a gifted box of donuts from a happy local resident; Right: Two members of the team replanting a beloved apple tree for another local resident.

Most recently, a local resident contacted us to thank Dean and a small gang of operatives who sensitively dug up and replanted a seven-year old apple tree from her garden which is currently being reconfigured as part of the scheme.

Dean also received another special mention from a happy resident who kindly gifted the site team a yummy box of donuts as a thank you for our hard work on the scheme and their sympathetic liaison with the local community.

Contracts manager Tony Kilbane is over the moon that his team have received such praise from the local community. 'The construction process on a scheme like this can sometimes take its toll on local residents and businesses, and communities can often find traffic management measures quite challenging at times,' he explained. 'Howard Civil Engineering recognise that our position as main contractor on the scheme means we are responsible for ensuring we not only complete the contract to a high standard but that we also enhance and improve our local communities for the duration of the works.

'I am thrilled to hear our site team at Greengates are receiving such positive feedback from residents and community groups alike for demonstrating a positive can-do attitude that is just second nature to them. I look forward to seeing the team continue to nurture these relationships and positively benefit the Greengates community whilst we are on site.'


If you're a local resident and would like to get involved with Greengates Community Group or Friends of Greengates Cenotaph, head to the Greengates Matters Facebook group here.

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