Work Experience in Construction: Meet Alex

23 November 2020

Merely two weeks after starting his month-long work experience with Howard Civil Engineering, nineteen-year-old Alex Atter already knows that pursuing a career in construction was the right choice for him.

Bradford local Alex is currently working at our high-profile Greengates Junction Improvement Scheme as a labourer.

‘I approached Howard Civil Engineering as I know they are a great company to work for and like to give young people the opportunity to work,’ he said. ‘I have always wanted to work in construction and I hope that the skills I learn and the experience I gain throughout my time with Howard Civil Engineering will put me in good stead for a career in construction.’

While on site, Alex will be taught safety skills such as the most appropriate way to work around plant, machinery, and excavations, and best practices which will help to protect both himself, his team, and machinery from potential injury and damage.

Over the past week, Alex has also been paired with gangs who are teaching him basic construction skills and how to identify the various materials used for road construction. Commenting on his experience so far, Alex noted that ‘the team has been great to work with and learn from.’

Greengates site supervisor Mick Bottomley is thrilled that Alex has taken this learning opportunity in his stride.

‘Alex has only been with us a short while, but he has a good attitude and completes the tasks set to a good standard,’ he said. ‘He’s reliable and a very good timekeeper!’

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