Rolling in the Deep with brand new equipment

13 August 2019

We’ve four new additions to our growing plant resources! Due to recent awards of several new contracts for our groundworks teams, we are investing in new plant to prepare for what will be a busy few months at Howard Civil Engineering.

The RTX-SC3 trench roller is ideal for the compaction of excavations and sub bases of foundations and roads, and uses a sensor to measure the vibration level and determine how much soil has been compacted.

To ensure the maximum safety of our operatives, this remote-control trench roller also offers an infrared signal with line-of-sight control and is disabled as soon as the line of sight between the operator and the device is lost.

This investment in smart technology comes off the back of our ongoing commitment to improve health and safety for our onsite operatives and the surrounding local communities. Recent equipment includes the PressToCheck RPE and PPE which considers our operatives’ religious and cultural beliefs.

We’ll be rolling out this new equipment to various sites over the coming weeks – if you spot one in action, take a picture and let us know!

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