How we're investing in on-site safety

13 June 2019

We’ve always been committed to improving the health & wellbeing of our operatives here at Howard Civil Engineering. Recently, we've taken this one step further by introducing improved suitable and adequate Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) to our workforce on-site.

All applicable operatives are now subject to face-fit testing for the negative pressure ‘JSP Force 8 push to check’ reusable half-face mask, which offers the required P3 level of protection and improved comfort fit to our operatives. For operatives who require RPE which considers their religious/cultural beliefs and the associated impact this has on PPE/RPE provisions (such as those who wear turbans or have substantial facial hair growth), we have also provided positive pressure hoods. This ensures all our operatives remain as safe and healthy as possible while carrying out their work duties.

Commenting on the benefits of this new equipment, Health and Safety Advisor Wanda Curtis commented, ‘We continue to work towards eliminating, so far is reasonably practicable, exposure to dust in the workplace for the benefit of both our operatives and those around us. Our efforts include the use of various collective elimination methods such as dust extraction and suppression at the source and the provision of suitable and adequate RPE.'

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