Centre Stage at Bishop Auckland

29 February 2016

 Former golf course Flatts Farm, situated in a South Durham loop of the River Wear and overlooked by Auckland Castle, will, by next summer, become home to the most ambitious outdoor theatre construction project ever seen in County Durham.

Inspired by the Puy de Fou medieval theme park in north-west France, Eleven Arches will be an outdoor theatrical spectacular depicting the history of the UK, seen through the eyes of the North-East.

The show centres around a 3,462m2 man made lake and castle backdrop. Pyrotechnics, spectacular water and light effects, a cast and crew of 1000 along with permanently stabled trained horses from France, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Czech Republic will entertain audiences over the 14 shows already planned for 2016.

The civils works required to turn this 7 and a half acre site into a fantasy are amongst the most unusual projects we have supported Caddick Construction on in the last few years. Deep underground concrete bunkers are being built to hide equipment behind the hydraulic special effects. A tribune seating area has already been constructed to hold 8,000 people.  Stables and other buildings are required to permanently hold the horses and store the carriages, carts, boats and floats. A visitor village will house all the facilities expected by a 8,000 strong public.

Pressure is on to be ready for the first show 2nd July 2016!

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