Hard Ings Road Improvement Scheme

Hard Ings Newsletter No 30

06 July 2020

Newsletter No 30. Week commencing Monday 22nd June. Weeks 60 - 61. (First published Friday 3rd July)

Welcome to newsletter number 30 providing you with information regarding the Hard Ings Road Improvement scheme in Keighley.

Progress, the past 2 weeks

Our efforts to have the northern carriageway widening ready (completing the earthworks and subbase construction layers to key areas and sections) have been successful, and the asphalt is currently being laid as planned.

This has included working alongside both Northern Power Grid and BT Openreach to assist them in completing their apparatus diversion works. Both NPG and BT Openreach have minor elements left to complete, but we remain confident these works will be completed ahead of next week's planned works.

Now the carriageway widening asphalt is being laid, a clear perspective and insight can be gained into how wide Hard Ings Road will be on completion of the scheme.

The next 2 weeks

The application of asphalt to the widening and northern footpath will continue through next week. Certain elements, such as the process of tying the old carriageway to the new, and maintaining access and egress to certain premises and businesses, do require night shifts.

Please note that from Wednesday 8th July to Sunday 12th July, the asphalt laying operation will swap to night shifts, 19:30 to 06:00. 

During the night shifts, the eastbound side of Hard Ings Road will be closed and all vehicles will be diverted onto Royd Way, Royd Ings Avenue and Bradford Road. You can download a PDF of the plan 
here. The westbound carriageway will operate as normal. During the night shifts, we will also complete temporary lane markings and traffic management changes which will facilitate the works to the southern flank of Hard Ings Road.

Moving forward, Hard Ings Road will temprarily operate as a contra flow system between Bradford Road Roundabout and Beechcliffe Roundabout. Both westbound and eastbound traffic will be moved onto the new widened area to create a safe working zone for the southern flank works to proceed. This traffic management switch is planned for the night of 11th July.
Further to the above, we will be completing small elements of offline works on the northern area of Hard Ings Road. We do not anticipate that these works should impact on traffic or pedestrian routes.

We will also be installing Urban Traffic Control ducts and chambers on Aire Valley Road, Bradford Road, and Skipton Road. We are currently finalising the routes and positions of equipment in addition to agreeing traffic and pedestrian management before proceeding.  

Affected bus routes on Lawkholme Lane

The following diversions remain in place by the bus companies previously using the now closed Lawkholme Lane junction.

Hard Ings Road/Lawkholme Lane, Keighley - P23 Steeton Primary

Route P23 for Steeton Village Primary School will have an amended route. There will be no pick up on Lawkholme Lane.
AM: the bus will start at the bus stop on Skipton Road at East Avenue (08:22) then along Skipton Road to Devonshire Street and the usual route thereafter. Therefore the bus will not operate along Lawkholme Lane. 
PM: as per the usual route from the school as far as the roundabout at Skipton Road/Hard Ings then continue along Skipton Road (16:10 at East Avenue) toward Devonshire Street and the usual route thereafter.
Those passengers who usually board or alight at the stops at the top of Lawkholme Lane near Hard Ings are advised to use the bus stop on Skipton Road at East Avenue.
This amendment will continue for the duration of the works at Hard Ings or until such time the turn restriction is lifted.
Details of all school bus diversions are also available at https://www.wymetro.com/schools/school-bus-service-changes-and-disruptions/

K17 Keighley Jets Service

The K17 service will have an amended route. It will not use Lawkholme Lane, beyond Bradford Street. It will also not use Royd Way and Royd Ings Avenue for the period of the Lawkholme Lane Closure. 
A new stop will be in place near ASDA for the diverted route.  
K17 Divert via Bradford Street, Brown Street, Bingley Street (Outbound temporary bus stop near ASDA), Bradford Road A6035 and Alston Road.
Details of all diversions are also available at https://www.wymetro.com/plan-a-journey/travel-news/bus-alerts/

Your site contacts

There are several ways you can contact the site team to report faults, concerns or comment.
The following staff members are based on site full time
Bradford Council Project Manager - David Aspinall Email hardingsroad@bradford.gov.uk
Howard Civil Engineering Project Manager - Simon Doling 07793 244495
Howard Civil Engineering Site Supervisor - Mick Bottomley 07872 188654
Howard Civil Engineering Contracts Manager - Tony Kilbane 07394 567341

Traffic Management Contractor’s 24 hour emergency call out number 01405 817733

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