Hard Ings Road Improvement Scheme

Hard Ings Newsletter No 20

07 February 2020


Newsletter No 20. Week commencing Monday 10th February. Weeks 40 - 41.
(First published Friday 7th Feb)

Welcome to newsletter number 20 providing you with information regarding the Hard Ings Road Improvement scheme in Keighley.

We hope you continue to find this newsletter useful. 

We hope you continue to find this newsletter useful.

Progress, the past 2 weeks 

The recent dry weather has been a pleasant relief after the wet months before Christmas.
We've made good progress on the A629 verge works installing kerbs and gulley bases.
The space for the additional lane leaving Beechcliffe Rounadbout can now be seen above, formed by the new kerb line of the Hard Ings Road Central reservation.
We've been installing further traffic signal and street lighting ducts around the south of the roundabout.

At the other end of the site Yorkshire Water are still undertaking the complex water main diversion. Some of you may have seen the water gusher coming from a weak old cast iron water main earlier this week.

The next 2 weeks 

Continuing the works to the western verge of the A629 including the replacement of the vehicle crash barrier, new sign foundation bases and new street lights.
We will be carrying out several more duct crossings across Hard Ings Road but we have the space to carry these out without using traffic signals.
Recommencement of the Hard Ings Road drainage installation.
Continuation of the works to the realigned Hard Ings Road central reservation including traffic signal ducts and chambers.
Continuation of the diversion works by Yorkshire Water and Northern Powergrid. 

A629 Traffic management 

We have been trialing the use of 'merge in turn' signs on the A629 which seem to have reduced the average queuing time by a few minutes.
Please continue to bear with us as we work to return the A629 to 2 lanes as soon as possible. 

Visit to Skipton Girls' High School

Our Hard Ings Road Apprentice Engineer, Fahd Mahmood, made a visit to Skipton Girls' High School this week to hand over a cheque for £300 to the young women of Team Echo, one of three teams from Skipton Girls’ High School competing in the final round of the national 4x4 Land Rover In Schools Competition this March. This donation will help with their accommodation expenses over the course of the two-day competition in Coventry.
You can read more about this here. We were so impressed by what this school was doing to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to these young people. 

Affected bus routes on Lawkholme Lane 

The following diversions remain in place by the bus companies previously using the now closed Lawkholme Lane junction.

Hard Ings Road/Lawkholme Lane, Keighley - P23 Steeton Primary

Route P23 for Steeton Village Primary School will have an amended route. There will be no pick up on Lawkholme Lane.
AM: the bus will start at the bus stop on Skipton Road at East Avenue (08:22) then along Skipton Road to Devonshire Street and the usual route thereafter. Therefore the bus will not operate along Lawkholme Lane.
PM: as per the usual route from the school as far as the roundabout at Skipton Road/Hard Ings then continue along Skipton Road (16:10 at East Avenue) toward Devonshire Street and the usual route thereafter.
Those passengers who usually board or alight at the stops at the top of Lawkholme Lane near Hard Ings are advised to use the bus stop on Skipton Road at East Avenue.
This amendment will continue for the duration of the works at Hard Ings or until such time the turn restriction is lifted.
Details of all school bus diversions are also available at https://www.wymetro.com/schools/school-bus-service-changes-and-disruptions/

K17 Keighley Jets Service

The K17 service will have an amended route. It will not use Lawkholme Lane, beyond Bradford Street. It will also not use Royd Way and Royd Ings Avenue for the period of the Lawkholme Lane Closure.
A new stop will be in place near ASDA for the diverted route.
K17 Divert via Bradford Street, Brown Street, Bingley Street (Outbound temporary bus stop near ASDA), Bradford Road A6035 and Alston Road.
Details of all diversions are also available at https://www.wymetro.com/plan-a-journey/travel-news/bus-alerts/

Your site contacts 

There are several ways you can contact the site team for enquiries, concerns or comments.
The following staff members are based on site full time
Bradford Council Project Manager - David Aspinall Email hardingsroad@bradford.gov.uk
Howard Civil Engineering Project Manager - Tony Kilbane 07394 567341
Visiting the site is
Howard Civil Engineering Liaison Officer/Newsletter editor - Lucie Jones 0113 249 8569

Or contact me, Lucie Jones on Hard.Ings@howardcivileng.co.uk




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