Greengates Junction

Greengates Junction Newsletter No 5

18 September 2020

Newsletter No 5. Week Commencing Monday 21st September. First published Friday 18th September 2020

This newsletter is to provide you with an update on the Greengates Junction Improvement works.

Progress, the past two weeks

Top: Changes are ongoing to the P-Loop area and along New Line. Bottom: Foundations for a new wall on New Line.

Drainage works to the P-Loop area have continued to progress in anticipation of the slip road construction in coming weeks. Masonry works to build the new stonework retaining walls in the P-Loop section and along New Line have also continued, reusing the reclaimed stone which was saved from our previous works to the area. Along New Line, this has required some clearance works and preparation for the foundations of the new wall. 

Masonry work on New Line and inside the P-Loop section. 

Work to form the new Farmfoods entrance is also progressing well, and passersby will be able to see a clear formation of the road and footpaths taking shape. This has included the installations of kerbs, edgings and tactile paving.

The new Farmfoods entrance is quickly taking shape.

The next two weeks

We are looking forward to completing drainage works to the P-Loop section over the next two weeks, which will include the formation of a new ditch and the installation of headwalls to the wall adjacent to the Asda car park.

Once drainage works are complete, we will commence work on forming a new slip road. This work will see us undertake a reduce dig to this section of the P-Loop area, create a stone subbase and install kerbing. 

Traffic management measures on Harrogate Road will remain in place as we continue work to form the new entrance to Farmfoods (detailed below). Over the next two weeks, we will be lowering the existing services at the front of the entrance which will enable us to start tarmacking preparation works. 

Masonry works to the retaining walls along New Line and inside the P-Loop area will also continue. 

Traffic management measures on Harrogate Road.

Traffic Management

Please note traffic management measures will remain in place on Harrogate Road from Room 907 up to the arm of the junction. The inner lane will remain to provide pedestrians with a temporary walkway and to give us a safe working area for operatives to form the bell mouth of the new Farmfoods entrance. This lane opens up ahead of the traffic lights, meaning vehicles are still able to turn left with ease.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience as we undertake these necessary works to make Greengates a safer place. 

Your site contacts

There are several ways you can contact the site team to report faults, voice any concerns or ask any questions you may have. 

The HRNL Junction Improvement Scheme is managed by the following members of our experienced and highly approachable team: Tony Kilbane (Contracts Manager), Thomas Barrett (Project Manager), Dean Gregory (Site Supervisor) and Brendan O'Hara (Site Engineer). Please rest assured there will always be a representative on site during working hours should you have you questions about the scheme.

To contact Howard Civil Engineering remotely, please contact your Community Liaison Officer, Sophie Henderson, at or contact 07793654086.

To contact a member of Bradford Council, please contact David Aspinall via email at

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