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Germany Beck Traffic Signals Update

30 January 2018

Weeks 84 & 85 commencing Monday 22nd January 2018 ******TRAFFIC SIGNALS UPDATE********

This is an update to inform you of the use of 24hr temporary traffic signals on the A19 this week.
We apologise about the late issue of this update and any inconvenience caused by this.


In a change to the information issued previously, 24hr temporary traffic signals will be in use on the A19 from Monday 29th to Thursday 1st February inclusive.

Large pits are required to be opened up in both of the footpaths of the A19 to enable new power cables to be jointed to the old cables. Several cables require diverting but the joints can only be carried out one at a time in order to maintain power supplies to the area.

Due to the size of the pits and the need to maintain access for pedestrians at all times, the short term use of 24hr temporary traffic signals have been agreed by CYC.

Further periods of temporary traffic signal use are anticipated over the next few weeks. Details will be published in future newsletters.

Safety for children and the wider public.

Please be assured that the different areas of works will be securely fenced at all times to ensure the safety of the public.
We will be receiving deliveries to site this week. Each delivery will be guided into site by one of our employees once traffic and pedestrians are clear from the site entrance. Please be patient if you are held up for a short time whilst these manoeuvres take place.
Pedestrians will be given right of way along the footpaths of Fordlands Road but please be aware of deliveries using the entrances to site off Fordlands Road on occasion.

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