Germany Beck

Germany Beck Newsletter 48

03 April 2018

Weeks 94 & 95 commencing Monday 2nd April 2018 

This is the 48th edition of the newsletter that keeps you up to date with the progress of the Germany Beck junction works on the A19 in Fulford.

Last week we recommenced with the sheet piling works to the west side of the A19. The electricity cables that were found to be in the way the previous week were all proven to be dead by Northern Power Grid which meant we could safely remove them.

Piling recommenced on Wednesday 21st March but progress has been very slow as we have come across many obstructions in the ground that had to be broken out before the sheet piles were installed.

For this reason I'm afraid we are facing another 3 days of 24hr traffic signals this coming week commencing Tuesday 3rd April until the afternoon of Thursday 5th April. We have been given permission by NYCC to do this.

Our local residents and traffic using the A19 have experienced a high degree of disruption these past few weeks. We can only apologise to you all but can confirm that we are doing our utmost to complete these final stages of the works as quickly as possible.

During the next 2 weeks we will be completing the installation of the sheet piled wall to the west of the A19.

Once complete we will be constructing the new section of Landings Lane and commencing the concrete pile cap to the sheet piled wall.

Pedestrians will continue to use the new eastern footpath while the western footpath remains closed until the end of the works.

Elsewhere on site we are carrying out deep drainage for the new residential development.


'24hr' 2 way traffic signals A19 - Tuesday 2nd April until Thursday 5th April.

Safe and clear access on the eastern footpath will be maintained for pedestrians at all times.

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