Germany Beck

Germany Beck Newsletter 46

05 March 2018


Weeks 90 & 91 commencing Monday 5th March 2018 

This is the 46th edition of the newsletter that keeps you up to date with the progress of the Germany Beck junction works on the A19 in Fulford.

We appreciate that this period of intensive work on the A19 using temporary traffic signals every day is causing a great deal of disruption to local residents and traffic. We apologise for the lengthened journeys and additional planning that is required. Please be assured that we are progressing the works as fast as possible. Carrying out the lifting of the A19 whilst maintaining traffic flow means that work can only be carried out in small sections which considerably lengthens the time it takes to complete the works.

In the past 2 weeks we have moved the south bound traffic onto the new elevated section of the junction. However, last week the heavy snow disrupted our plans and work to the new junction ceased for 3 days.

Earlier in the week we were busy widening the elevated of the junction in preparation for surfacing.

This included extending a deep pipe, to collect water from the new road gullies, across the existing south bound carriageway.

The white fabric (geogrid) shown below is spread across the entire base of the junction to tie together each phase of the elevated A19 carriageway. Stone is laid on top of this in readiness for surfacing.

The brickwork walls to the top of the sheet piled retaining structure have continued.

We have commenced work to divert a very deep sewer in the location of our old compound.


During the next 2 weeks the intensity of work on the A19 will continue. Periods of both off peak temporary traffic signals and 24hr temporary traffic signals will be in use over the next 4 weeks.

A further surfacing visit will take place this week to surface the widened section of the junction. Following this both north bound and south bound traffic will be diverted onto the elevated junction.
The eastern footpath will also be surfaced.

Work will commence to prepare for the piling rig to complete the raising of the A19.

Tree protection works will take place on the A19 and Landings Lane.

Some alterations to Landings Lane will also take place as part of the works. We have arranged for Landings Lane to be closed for this period for road construction and piling work

Week commencing Monday 12th March

The piling rig will be on site to carry out the sheet piled wall to the west of the A19 and extending into Landings Lane. To reduce vibration the line of piling will be 'preaugered' (the ground will be loosened). The piling is expected to last approximately 5 days depending on the ground conditions.

Fordlands Road traffic will continue to use the Fordlands Rd/A19 junction as normal. A19 traffic will not be diverted onto Fordlands Road.

During this period of raising the A19, temporary steepened ramps and bends in the road will be experienced. This is due to the constraints of the very small site area. The ramps and bends have been designed to suit all traffic. The ramps and bends in the road are temporary and will not represent the completed junction layout.

Pedestrians will be diverted off the western footpath and on to the eastern footpath once surfaced during this week. The new route will be clearly signed posted. Please see the plan below.


'Off peak' 2 way traffic signals A19 - 5th March February until 9th March (no lights over the weekend)

'24hr' 2 way traffic signals A19 - 12th March until 16th March (no lights over the weekend)

Safe and clear access will be maintained for pedestrians at all times

Existing A9 Footpath route


New A19 footpath route

Safety for children and the wider public.

Please be assured that the different areas of works will be securely fenced at all times to ensure the safety of the public.
We will be receiving deliveries to site this week. Each delivery will be guided into site by one of our employees once traffic and pedestrians are clear from the site entrance. Please be patient if you are held up for a short time whilst these manoeuvres take place.
Pedestrians will be given right of way along the footpaths of Fordlands Road but please be aware of deliveries using the entrances to site off Fordlands Road on occasion.

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