The Futurist

Client: Willmott Dixon

Value: £800k
Location: Scarborough Seafront
Contract Period: Various Phases
Contract Type:


In early 2017, Scarborough Borough Council planners voted in favour of plans to spend £4m on demolishing the Futurist. The theatre opened in 1921 and hosted an array of famous artists, including The Beatles, before closing in 2014. Campaigners had hoped to run it as a charitable trust but the council judged it not sustainable as a theatrical venue. The Futurist was originally built as a cinema but the stage was extended in the late 1950s to enable it to host live performances. The demolition works includes the stabilisation of the cliff behind the building.

The theatre takes up almost the whole footprint of the site boundary. Howard Civil Engineering were initially awarded a S278 Works package to carry out adjustments to the seafront footpaths and carriageway to enable a compound to be established on the wide footpath and also meet the traffic management plan which constrains the developer from using the seafront road to the north as a route for the demolition site traffic. 

The second phase to be awarded to us was the cliff face stabilisation to prevent any likelihood of cliff deterioration during the demolition works. Howard Civil Engineering undertook the unusual concrete ballast work within the basement and rear rooms of the theatre prior to demolition.

We have now completed work on this complex package. 

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