Portland Street Hotel

Client: Marshall Construction

Value: £1.1million
Location: Manchester city centre
Contract Period: Commenced September 2017
Contract Type: Marshalls Bespoke


Marshall Construction (West Yorkshire) Ltd commenced works to a new 4*+ hotel in the centre of Manchester in early 2017. The 200-bed hotel and casino is due for completion mid 2019.

The construction site is located in the centre of Manchester with the main frontage facing on to Portland Street. The property is bounded by highways on three sides, with the existing office building situated along the Eastern site boundary. Access to the site is strictly controlled by an agreed Traffic Management Strategy.

Howard Civil Engineering commenced the sub structure works September 2017. 

Scope of works

• Pile caps. 35no from 2.5m3 – 15m3
• Pile cap for tower crane 25m3
• Contiguous piled wall facing 550m2 and capping beam 120m to top of contig piles
• Associated tanking and damp proofing
• Retaining walls
• Basement slab 1,100m2
• Lift pit
• Foul drainage
• Constrained city centre site

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