Premier Inn, Doncaster

Client: Multibuild

Value: £1,000,000
Location: Doncaster
Contract Period: 26 weeks
Contract Type: JCT Dom 1


This highrise mixed-use development consisting of retail outlets, restaurants and national hotelier was constructed in Doncaster town centre adjacent the town market. As with all town centre developments, space was minimal due to the whole site footprint being developed.The £11 million scheme was awarded to Multibuild (now MBL Construction) through competitive tender. Multibuild subsequently appointed Howard Civil Engineering after we demonstrated our commercial viability, but more importantly we were able to demonstrate our knowledge and capability of working within this extremely tight environment while maintaining programme.

Scope of works 

  • Working with groundwater
  • Working in city centre location
  • Bulk excavation and disposal offsite
  • Sheet piling
  • Ground beams & Pile caps
  • Reinforced concrete basement including single sided walls
  • Waterproof concrete
  • 3 storey in-situ concrete transfer slab
  • In-situ concrete slabs
  • Drainage and services including road closure and 4m deep sewer connection
  • External works including Yorkshire stone slabs


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